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Legal Perspective on the Adoption of Advanced Technologies
60 Minutes
Ted Hunt is the chief trial attorney in the prosecuting attorney’s office in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Hunt brings a fresh legal perspective to addressing the adoption of advanced DNA analysis technologies for forensic crime laboratories. In this presentation, he discusses the potential admissibility challenges to next generation technologies and why an interdisciplinary approach and preparation are necessary when implementing NGS technologies.  By providing an overview of the existing laws and their relationship to emerging technologies, and addressing the current issues which prosecutors face when presenting forensics evidence in court, Mr. Hunt brings to light the imminent legal challenges that must be considered in order for the law and DNA forensic science to be in accord.


Ted Robert Hunt
Ted Hunt, JD, Jackson County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney is Chief Trial Attorney at the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office in Kansas City. He has been a prosecutor for over 20 years. He is currently in charge of all sex crimes, cold case, child homicide, child abuse, and domestic violence prosecutions in Jackson County. Mr. Hunt has tried over 100 jury trials, most of which have involved the presentation of forensic evidence. 

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